Teacher Conference NG 2017

The day was fill with interesting lectures and we were shown numerous tools with which to enable our students and ourselves.

Welcome to The Lighthouse

Need a convenient work space with color that ignites the mind? Check in.@ 35 Moloney Street, Obalende. Lagos State  

Event Gallery

The Lighthouse Event Gallery. These are the events goes on in lighthouse hub..

Step Up

  Wow! It’s almost four o’clock in the morning and I have just completed Lola Coker-Esu’s book – Step Up. I started it just before I slept yesterday. When I found myself awake at 3:30 I figured it was because


L.I.G.C.C. The Lagos Island Girl’s Coding Club was initiated from a program Mrs. Yetunde Johnson was invited to speak at the event to young secondary students from different schools at the Cathedral Church on the island on Friday 4th March,

SST Presentation

  SST Presentation During the SST Monday Meeting, Doris and Abdul were chosen to give presentations on different topics and afterwards, question was asked from their colleagues who needed clarification.  This is a platform to encourage reading habit, exposure and understanding