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Wow! It's almost four o'clock in the morning and I have just completed Lola Coker-Esu's book - Step Up. I started it just before I slept yesterday. When I found myself awake at 3:30 I figured it was because I needed to finish the book. Particularly as I did not want to contact her with out having read it. Also I had an incling that there would be some gems for me within. There were!

Step Up is a compact book of 20 pages based on the theme , "from the idea in your head to the reality you desire". Basically how to take an idea from zero to millions. An apt topic for me at this time and incredibly on point as I am currently birthing a new idea, a hub for young tech innovators. To encourage them to make their idea a reality. So as you can see the subject matter coupled with the image on the front of the book gave me a deja vu moment when I saw the book and heard what it was about. It could not have been more in sync with our current Black Label project at The Lighthouse for mentoring people with ideas into startup entrepreneurs. To see what I mean please check out our website for information on the Black Label Event at

Step up is a well written concise and clear book that encourages people to take an idea and make it happen. It examines key issues that impact whether you move forward, how you move and whether you get it right. It motivates you to believe in yourself and encourages you to Step Up start and do it. Aligned with good advise are simple real life examples from Lola's life that help to buttress each point.

Step Up was a book I was meant to read at this time, in this place. I know we will be using it in the first part of our mentorship for our Black Label mentees to help them do exactly as the book title says - Step Up.

Lola Coker-Esu is young vibrant beautiful, confident and inspiring. A good example for those both young and old to follow. Needless to say I shall leave you with her words - Step Up

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